Spells that decrease male sex drive

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Low libido in men: how to boost your sex drive

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How to improve that sex life with your husband and avoid dry spells

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14 foods that are killing your sex drive

Having a different sex drive than your partner can be a tough obstacle to overcome. Of course, there is no magic number of times you should be having sex, but if you feel like you're just not enjoying sex like you used to or don't want to have sex as often than you used to, you might be suffering from a low sex drive. While you won't know for sure what the culprit is until you talk with a doctor, these common reasons for low libido may point you in the right direction. Being too tired to have sex is an old cliche, but it turns out there may be more to it than we once thought. A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that one in four married Americans say they are often too tired at the end of the day to have sex with their partner.
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From health conditions to addiction, exhaustion or relationship concerns, sexual desire can diminish for a number of reasons and lack of sex drive or low libido is a common problem which affects most men at some point during their lives. There are numerous factors that play a role in why you might be feeling less than sexy, and an unexpected loss of libido can indicate an underlying personal, medical or lifestyle problem. But the good news is in most cases it can be treated easily. Surprisingly, there is no such thing as a normal sex drive. Fortunately, there are lots of organisations available to offer advice, help you resolve your issues and get you back in the sack.
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